VLS – Very Large Structure

ID 12001


Manuel Dominguez, Zuloark

Year 2012


Kenny Ruiz, David Cárdenas, Lys Villalba, María Carmona, Jorge López Conde, Enrique Espinosa, Estudio Poliedro, Estudio Apodaca, Antonio Alejandro, Iñigo Redondo, María Mallo, Javier Santamaría, Jorge López , Ignacio Monteserín, Belén Domínguez, Juan Alba and of course Zuloark. University. ETSA Madrid / Tutora: Paula Montoya Saiz

Location Autonomous Community of Castile and Leon, Spain

Design & Interiors Education Research Urbanism
VLS on Spanish Plateu with death star

Mobile Test-grid Platform for the Territorial Management and Choreography [Final Degree Project – ETSAM]

‘Very Large Structure’ is an habitable megastructure with high degree of independence in symbiosis with the environment that traverses, being able to physically manage it while travelling. In it cargo is uploaded and downloaded, buildings are constructed and tested, and different territorial policies and infrastructures are implemented and managed with the aim of achieving the synergic updates and paradigmatic changes needed for the 21st century. VLS it’s a theoretical-utopical project, an academic exercise,trying to be as realistic as it can get, and even though everything is technically calculated as if it was going to be constructed, we know and assume it’s just an assertive investigation. VLS is just an exercise to understand that there are so many things that architects can learn from, use and take into account to do their work.

Very Large Structure (VLS) cross section
Very Large Structure analysis Shearing forces and bending moment curves
Plans sections views VLS Very Large Structure details views
Very Large Structure Energy Waste management
crossover VLS y El Caminante Kenny Ruiz
Construction details VLS
Territorial context Energy Urban settlements Natural conditions Geology Infrastructure VLS
Territory Management VLS
VLS calculations crawlers structure beams decks suspension system