Zuloark International Congress

20th Birthday of Zuloark. Santa Cruz de la Zarza, Madrid, Spain, 2021. Photography by Lourdes Cabrera

The Zuloark International Congress is an annual ritual of the Collective. Once a year, during the last week of January, members of the distributed collective physically gather in one place to reflect on the past and the future, explore new opportunities and enjoy quality time together.

Since the first congress was held in Madrid in 2012, we have had the opportunity to organise several more in different parts of Europe. All of these places have a special meaning for us, either because of a personal or professional connection. Berlin, La Coruña, La Palma in the Canary Islands, Llanes and Bologna are some of the places that have welcomed our collective and the friends who accompany us year after year.

Memorial Plates

During congresses we create memories, and some of them we want to take with us. Lourdes Cabrera always makes sure we have a postcard to remind us of what happened at each congress, and some of the attendees take home a commemorative plate as a symbol of their friendship and loyalty to that ritual. For this last XI Zuloark Congress, the commemorative plates were made by our dear friend and illustrator David Cardenas.

Zulocongress 2015: Berlin

Zulocongress 2017: Llanes

Zulocongress 2018: Bologna

Zulocongress 2019: Galicia

  • International Congress of Zuloark in Galicia, 2019

Zulocongress 2020: La Palma

Zulocongress 2021: Online

Zulocongress 2022: Alpedrete

Zulocongress 2023: Athens