Inteligencias Colectivas

ID 00130



Year 2010


Lys Villalba, Maé Durant, David Cardenas, Zuloark


A collaborative archive of knowledge about collective designs, architectures and urbanisms, shared through Creative Commons licenses

Every region of the world has its own repertoire of construction techniques. Although perfectly adapted to environmental conditions and shaped by their social and technological realms, they are becoming unseen and gradually disused under a globalized standardization of processes. Inspired by this ethos, Inteligencias Colectivas is a research and design open platform that brings together real-life examples of smart constructions, and hybridizes them with contemporary needs through cutting-edge prototypes. By testing innovative theoretical-practical methodologies in over a dozen countries, we question the role of the architect and the production of knowledge through various collaborative processes. Ultimately, we believe in amplifying a collective imagination on how the futures of our built environment could be. And it all starts by learning from what already exists.

Inteligencias Colectivas (Collective Intelligencies) is the cataloging and technical redrafting of non-standardized construction details around the world, including urban agreements and strategies that do not correspond to regular urban planning. Always in direct collaboration with local experts as well as with cultural institutions, we construct architectural and urbanistic prototypes in places where the scientific and the traditional (or emerging) knowledge can be hybridized to produce innovation in urban environments. During these processes all involved actors learn and teach from each other. Inteligencias Colectivas is an pedagogical research, an open catalog to share free information online. Ongoing research project since 2010 carried out by Zoohaus metastudio.

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