Edition F.U.A.!!

Project ID 17046


Enrique Espinosa Pérez (eeestudio), Lys Villalba Rubio, María Mallo Zurdo, David Cárdenas Lorenzo, Juan Dafydd Jones Aleñar, Zuloark

Year 2017

Location Madrid, Spain


Design & Interiors Events & Exhibitions

The creation of the ‘letters’ IMAGINA: mobile street furniture made from waste materials

In summer 2017, the Imagina Madrid programme incorporates seven letters as an identifying element: IMAGINA, which travel to each of the nine activity sites.

Since August 2017, IMAGINA has been part of Matadero Madrid’s equipment. All this set of street furniture and public space is built from the idea of reuse, encounter and mobility. The design is configured by a system of metal frames on wheels on which are fixed globes of old street lamps of Madrid (updated with a system of LEDs powered by solar panels), and reused wood from old benches in Madrid; all of them materials recovered from the municipal furniture warehouses.

Imagina Madrid Socials

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