ID 18061


Enrique Espinosa Pérez (eeestudio), Lys Villalba Rubio, María Mallo Zurdo, David Cárdenas Lorenzo, Juan Dafydd Jones Aleñar

Year 2016


Lorenzo Pulido, Manuel Muñoz Genique

Location Madrid, Spain

Design & Interiors Events & Exhibitions

F.U.A.: Future+Urban+Alphabets

In November 2016, Madrid City Council’s stand was inaugurated at the “Congreso Nacional del Medio Ambiente” (CONAMA). It is a meta-pavilion that aims to reflect the concepts on which Madrid’s environmental policies are based: reuse, sustainability, second lives, social cohesion, encounter, open source and participation. Three letters-furniture are the protagonists of this space, creating the word MAD.

In April 2017, during the celebration of the Peace Forum, the word PEACE was added to the original MAD, making this furniture the main meeting point of the Forum. Since April 2017 MAD and PAZ have been located in the north courtyard of the Conde Duque Cultural Centre, becoming part of the furniture associated with the municipal library.

In summer 2017, the Imagina Madrid programme incorporates seven letters as an identifying element: IMAGINA, which travel to each of the 9 activity sites. Since August 2017, IMAGINA has been part of Matadero Madrid’s equipment.

This whole set of urban furniture and meeting spaces are built from logics of reuse, meeting and mobility: a system of metal frames on wheels houses a lighting and signage system composed of luminaires recovered from the municipal lighting warehouses with new LEDs powered by solar panels, and which allow to screw wooden surfaces recovered from benches, stored in the municipal furniture warehouses.

This plot is an example of how sensitive and creative processes make it possible to construct objects and spaces from other ecological and social logics. At the same time, it is a professional experience that shows the evolution of the history of collectives, especially visible between 2006-2012, as a network or a collective of collectives.

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