Pasa Página

Pasa página – An invitation to read

The library as a concept, as a place that claims books and spaces for reading; for that reason the exhibition compose ten elements whose outer sides are full of diverse books.

The exhibition formats vary in each piece of furniture and in its interior, in some cases different volumes are extracted. The content varies  from photography, videos, scripts, audio-texts to formats around new technologies.

Each piece of furniture is different from the other inside, like each book, but the exterior is a tribute, a monument to the book, a prism of books with which to travel to remote or very close places. These ten furniture / cabinets / shelves narrate the different epigraphs related to the adventure of reading and books.


Year: 2017

Location: Spain

Authors: Zuloark, Jesús Marchamalo (curator), Nando López (curator)

Collaborators: AC/E

External Links: Acción cultural Española , Photography by Lourdes Cabrera, SIT spain, Watch Video