ID 00160


 Jacobo Cayetano (Zuloark), Alberto Nanclares

Year 2018


Guillermo Borreguerro, Mercedes Moral, Alberto Nanclares, Jacobo Cayetano

Cultural Heritage Events & Exhibitions
PACO GRACO Installation at the facade of Gruta 77, Madrid’s iconic concert hall. with PACO GRACO Team. Photography: Victor Latroupe

Patrimonio Común de Gráfica Comercial.

PACO GRACO is a project about  protection and conservation of Madrid’s common commercial graphic heritage, a living catalogue of its signs and stories.

PACO GRACO recovers, dismantles, collects and safeguards the endangered store signs in the city; of any type and material, from any period, regardless of their aesthetic properties, with the aim of opening a permanent museum.

We have generated a living archive of signs, both of those that are still on the streets and those rescued due to the shutdown or change of business. Thus, we intend to generate an awareness of care for the human fabric in different neighbourhoods.

We have been rescuing dismantled signs for years. With this tangible heritage we also help to preserve the intangible: the living stories of the people behind the traditional businesses that are disappearing. This is how we take care of the neighbourhoods in our city. The best way to protect your heritage is to keep it alive: take care of your local stores, take care of your customers, take care of your sign, take care of your street. Only together,  we can stop (change) the speculative logics and protect ourselves from the swings of the real estate market.

The commercial fabric is also a social fabric.

If you know a sign that is threatened, call us. We’ll come and pick it up.


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