Mantequerías Delfín

ID 18018


Isabel & Ana – Peccata Viruta

Year 2018


Felix de las Heras (Constructor), Manuel Muñoz Genique, Victor (woodwork)

Location Madrid, (ES)


Lourdes Cabrera

Design & Interiors

#ArtisanFurniture #MadridDesign #SmallBusiness #AdaptiveReuse #OpenPlanLiving #PlywoodInteriors #Zuloark

From Grocery Store to Artisan Furniture Wokshop: Isabel and Ana’s Transformation of “Peccata Viruta” in Madrid’s Valdezarza Neighborhood

Peccata Viruta” is a small creative space located in the Valdezarza neighbourhood of Madrid. Isabel and her daughter Ana transformed the old family grocery store (Mantequerías Delfín) into a furniture design workshop and store in 2019.

The main line with which we have worked has been the link with the memory of the space. A reform developed with a minimum budget, but that manages to update the space to the new needs and maintain connections with original elements to give a unique character to the place.

The space has been reorganised to adapt to the needs of the “Peccata Viruta” artisan furniture workshop-shop. By eliminating all the interior partitions, a new open-plan space has been organised with natural lighting as the main feature. Taking advantage of the large window surfaces, new openings were opened to the courtyard to illuminate the premises and at the same time allow the circulation of light and ventilation. The pillar located in the centre of the space would help to reorganise the entire premises, even separating it into several rooms and transforming its use as a dwelling in the future.

For all the furnishings that make up the space, simple and inexpensive materials have been used. Pine slats and plywood create a cosy atmosphere, while allowing for quick construction and customisation by clients. In addition, materials are used to introduce colour, such as reused scraps of hydraulic tile on floors and fabrics from “La Tapicera” in the exterior shop windows that make the premises stand out in the urban environment of the Valdezarza neighbourhood.