Epic Urbanism

ID 16094



Year 2016

Location Witten DE, Valencia ES, Castellón ES



Participation Urbanism Workshop
Epic Urbanism at Witten, Germany 2016

Co-designing urban infrastructures

There are many factors that condition and bear our way to see, understand and design our cities; policies, local regulations, climate factors, access to materials, infrastructure, technologies, culture, etc.

Epic Urbanism Witten, Germany 2016

We live together with all these factors, we live immersed in them, and eventually they become burdens to act, to practice, to have a chance in the city-making. But what if we transform the constraints into opportunities? Citizens are changing roles in this new global era, and this is for the best!

Epic urbanism at Civic Factory, Valencia, 2017

The workshop explores and implements ways of doing in common:
how is decision making while doing together, how do we communicate our ideas to each other and share whilst “doing in common” and which ongoing formats do we use in order to fix and visualize what we learn? Can we implement systems that lead us to unexpected solutions and innovation? Which are the tools and resources that we have nowadays to transfer what we know?

Epic Urbanism at Besign Festival in Castellón, 2017