DSS2016: Yesterday you said tomorrow

ID 16010


Zuloark, Tipi Studio, Alberto Rey

Year 2016

Location San Sebastián, Spain


Ayuntamiento de San Sebastián


Lourdes Cabrera

Design & Interiors

Information Pavilion for San Sebastian as European Capital of Culture 2016

The strategy of this project was about projecting backwards, from the future to the present.

We wanted to see how an information pavilion could mean something more for the city of San Sebastian, European Capital of Culture for the year 2016, and for its life after. This ephemeral construction is an assembly of 278 “bowtie” benches for the future city. These benches will be temporarily incorporated within the structure and will actually be “forming” the pavilion during the year 2016.

All of these benches, create a continuous wooden folding surface on the inside of the structure. On the outside, the combination of the metal legs of the benches, create all together a three-dimensional building structure, that also holds a waterproof tent fabric printed with the txuri urdin local city colors.