MAD PAZ Pavillion

Edition F.U.A!!

Project ID 17040

Year 2017

Location Madrid, Spain


#Design & Interiors #Events & Exhibitions

In November 2016 the stand of the Madrid City Council is unveiled at CONAMA. A meta-pavilion that shows Madrid’s environmental policies: reuse, sustainability, second lives, social cohesion, meeting hub, open source and participation. Three letter-shaped furniture starred in this space: MAD.

Second life: In April 2017, within Madrid’s Peace Forum, “PAZ” (peace) letters  joins “MAD” in the main meeting space of the Forum.

Third life: Since April 2017, MAD and PAZ have been located in the north courtyard of the Conde Duque Cultural Centre as a set of furniture associated with the municipal library.

MAD PAZ letters in Conde Duque patio

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