MAD PAZ Pavillion

Edition F.U.A.!!

Project ID 17040

Year 2017

Location Madrid, Spain


Design & Interiors Events & Exhibitions

In November 2016 the stand of the Madrid City Council is unveiled at CONAMA. It is a meta-pavilion that aims to reflect the concepts on which Madrid’s environmental policies are based: reuse, sustainability, second lives, social cohesion, encounter, open source and participation. Three letters-furniture are the protagonists of this space, creating the word MAD.

These letters are made from a blue metal structure that holds large spotlights that will illuminate the square of the cultural centre at night. On the other side, a series of wooden benches and tables decorate the structure, adapting to the shape of the different letters. The furniture has wheels that allow for a more flexible organization of the space.

In April 2017, during the celebration of the Peace Forum, the word PAZ (peace) was added to the original MAD, making this furniture the main meeting point of the Forum.

Since April 2017 MAD and PAZ have been located in the north courtyard of the Conde Duque Cultural Centre, becoming part of the furniture associated with the municipal library. Neighbours come to spend time outdoors, rest after a visit to the centre or enjoy the public events that take place in the square.

MAD PAZ letters in Conde Duque patio

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