Bosque Real

ID 00180


Javi Cruz & Jacobo Cayetano Garcia (Zuloark)

Year 2019

Location Madrid, Spain

Cultural Heritage Curating
Bosque Real 2022 | Video by Malasombra Estudio

Bosque Real was created as a platform to review overlooked cultural legacies through a contemporary lens, and to retell their stories from multiple perspectives of redemption.

To be honest, creating BOSQUE R.E.A.L. has taken us on quite an adventure. We’ve climbed over fences, scaled towers, interviewed some rather questionable characters, conducted investigations parallel to those of the Civil Guard, reached out to celebrities, sent long voice notes, crossed kilometers of parkland without any moonlight or battery on our phones. But in the end, what we discovered wasn’t a secret. We returned, crossed the Puerta del Rey and left it all behind, the palace, the cathedral, the ordered stone of a capital city, and the people entered and shouted, “The forest pushes towards the city, Madrid flows into the river, crosses the bridge and enters, we’re waiting for you!” There, we lost ourselves among rabbits and trees, amidst History and the stories that were truly waiting for us.

Javi Cruz, 2020

Bosque Real is an artistic platform based in various forests, parks, and gardens in Madrid. It offers an annual programme of performances, screenings, visits, walks, workshops, and gatherings centered around tangible and intangible heritages located in these areas.

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