Bilbao BBK Live 2017

Edition Bilbao BBK Live

Project ID 17018


Zuloark, Juanito Jones, Borja Dopico (Last Tour)

Year 2017


Viuda de Ramírez, Germán Díaz Santiago, Miguelón, Juancar, Adrián, Manuel Muñoz Genique, Guillermo Diego Salvador, Mercedes Moral (Production), Ricardo Cavolo (Graphic identity of the festival)

Location Bilbao, Spain




Last Tour

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Design & Interiors Festivals

Cavololand and the fringed dresses

Bilbao BBK Live is one of the reference festivals in Europe, located in a privileged natural setting, Mount Kobetamendi, in Bilbao, which hosts up to 12 stages. At the 2017 Bilbao BBK Live festival, artists such as Depeche Mode, The Killers, Justice, Phoenix, Fleet Foxes, among others, performed. For three days, over 100,000 people enjoyed the music in a spectacular environment.

The festival’s imagery was developed by illustrator Ricardo Cavolo, who created illustrations of elements symbolizing the union between music and nature. We built a series of “cavolized” elements, reinterpreting the essence of the festival in scenic elements. 

Second Lives

In this edition, our focus on the festival’s set design was centered around the reuse of materials from the previous year’s sets, in line with our “Second Lives” design philosophy. This approach recognizes that the life cycle of materials is an integral part of the creative process, in line with the festival’s commitment to sustainability and ecology. For example, the mountains with eyes at the main entrance gave new life to the discarded wood from the previous year’s portal, as did the installation developed at the technical space of the main stage.

The Basoa Stage

The Basoa stage is a space dedicated to electronic music and club culture. We designed this more intimate and exclusive area of the festival with a unique atmosphere and meticulous decoration. Basoa hosted DJs and producers from around the world, such as Dixon, The Black Madonna, Bicep, Daphni, Motor City Drum Ensemble, and Jon Hopkins, among others.

Inspired by Basoa’s poster designs, we worked with fringes that parasitized reused structures from previous years, like a new “dress” updating the festival’s atmosphere.

The Design Process

For the first time, we showcase part of Zuloark’s “kitchen” at Bilbao BBK Live 2017. Below are some illustrations that served for the design and communication of the festival’s scenery. Some of these pieces were built, while others we hope will be very soon.

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