Stranger duets

Last Tour Office

“Ebony, Ivory & perfect Harmony”

From the mixture of two unexpected situations you do not get only the sum of the parts. The lasttour office is a multiple space inserted in a single space. We confront two very different realities, each one with its own stamp, so that from its mixture, new options arise that increase the capacities of use of the office.


Give value to the container.

The first step was to intervene on the original container, to rescue everything that is really valuable. Our neutral container is not neutral, we conserved rough parts to rescue the origin of the space.


We design a tailor made suit.

Faced with the brutalism of the container, we propose that the suit is made up of a wooden structure that gives warmth to the proposal. It will be organized with a strategy of concatenated ribs whose shape and size will be adapted to each area of the office.


Year: 2017

Location: Bilbao, Spain

Authors: Zuloark

External Links: Last Tour , Photos by Lourdes Cabrera,