Authors Zuloark, Zuloark, Vivero de Iniciativas Ciudadanas [VIC], Lys Villalba y Sodeste

Year 2015-2020

Collaborators This project was promoted in January 2015 by a group of agents in collaboration composed of the Regional Federation of Neighborhood Associations of Madrid (FRAVM), Intermediae Matadero, and the collectives Zuloark + Lys Villalba, Vivero de Iniciativas Ciudadanas [VIC], Paisaje Transversal, Sodeste and Todo por la Praxis. Since then and with the help of several institutions, the project has continued openly. Other new groups and institutions have joined and collaborate with Los Madriles and many neighbors have participated in the mapping sessions.

Location Madrid

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LOS MADRILES / Intermediæ

LOS MADRILES ALBUM Intermediae Flickr

LOS MADRILES, La aventura de aprender

Communication Research

Los Madriles is a platform to contrast the existence of many different Madrid. A living atlas that evolves to show an effervescent but invisible city, a cartography that tries to value the power of a critical and active citizenship that makes possible another way of making a city through open governance and participation.

LOS MADRILES wishes to be a gesture of:
RECOGNITION to all the neighbors of Madrid who in one way or another have participated in any initiative to improve their neighborhood in the past or at present.
THANKS to all the people involved in the mapped initiatives, for their attention and availability, as well as for their valuable contribution to the collective production of the city.
VISIBILIZATION, which allows all those people who have recently arrived in the city or people passing through, to discover the exceptional places hidden in Madrid.
COMMUNICATION, which offers all the city’s neighbors the opportunity to recognize their neighborhood, but also to find the excuse to visit other districts and areas of the city where they hardly pass through.
REFLECTION AND SELF-CRITICISM. This map is an invitation to think about new ways of dialogue with citizens that help to improve the city’s neighborhoods and districts, making decisions together with their neighbors. An invitation to think together how to build the city in a collective and participative way.
INCLUSION AND PARTICIPATION. We want everyone who wishes to participate in the collective production of the map by contributing with the inclusion of any network, space or initiative that does not appear in this first map.