Wakana Lake Reunion

Design and construction of ephemeral stages and other elements for the festival in an incredible landscape

Design of several spaces for the launch of the first edition of the Wakana Lake Reunion. A festival celebrated in an incredible place, in the dam of Celemin (Cadiz). For this occasion we designed the two stages and an element to connect them.

The place where the festival takes place, has a mythological aura, because some say this is where the city of Atlanta was located. Using as reference the mythological bestiaries, the pieces were designed taking as reference the mythological compendium of beasts.

The main stage was a mixture between a Peacock and a fish, the second stage was a fusion between a hummingbird and an elephant, the union between both was carried out through a passage of illuminated teepees.

This project was very exciting which we carried out together with the Ensalada works and the most incredible team of assemblers in the world.

Year: 2018

Location: Benalúp, Cádiz

Authors: Zuloark, Ensalada

External Links: Lourdes Cabrera (Photography) , Ensalada, Wakana Reunion,