UVA: Music and Visual Arts Festival


Common spaces fusion
The UVA Music and Visual Arts Festival as a hybrid outcome of a workshop of collaborative construction, a space for celebration and a non-waste landscape.

In the small village of Ronda (Malaga, Spain) there is an old stone built monastery in Ronda (Malaga), now converted to a winery house, with views at the valley of Ronda. It is the place  where the UVA Music Festival took place, during the summers of 2017 and 2018, in definitely one of the most incredible landscapes we have ever worked at.

Collaborative construction
Every time we face a new project, we always look for the factors that would allow us to extract an educational value out of the process. A certain place is potentially a common place, as long as it is being conceived, designed and constructed via liberal collaboration among the involved working groups.  At UVA Festival, the scenographic setting-up process of the festival was transformed to a knowledge-exchanging workshop, while developing the construction of prototypes along with young students and professionals with proper interests in music, architecture, visual arts, etc. In other words, we converted the set up of a music festival into an academy, a space and time zone of proximal  development  to teach and be taught.


Non – waste landscape
We consider as extremely necessary to pre-plan the waste impact that any kind of ephemeral or permanent architectural operation leaves to each place or landscape. We try to give our projects a second life, other than their initial purpose. In both UVA Festival editions, part of the interventions have been distributed in public educational and cultural centers of the town of Ronda. 

Year: 2017, 2018

Location: Ronda (Malaga)

Authors: UVA Festival, Zuloark

Collaborators: Photography: Fer Valenti

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