Gran Via – Gran Obra

Intergenerational park during LNEB 2010 and The Second Lives in the Gallinero.

We think of LNEB as a giant prototype to test a different urbanism. The walkers are the new protagonist of the city, and it allows situations on an unusual scale. The project was born with the ambition of responding to the needs of the city, using the funds of LNEB, which in this way allow collective activities to be generated during that night, and which can subsequently be allocated to the spaces where they are really needed. The second life of things is the fundamental piece in our project. We want to transform the city, trying to develop participatory actions in which the spectacular will be the people acting, participating and transforming the spaces that we offer them.

Our bet is the creation of a large intergenerational play park, where any people can participate. We seek to redesign the city for the contemporary “hommo ludens”. A new public space in Madrid’s Gran Via, so that La noche en blanco is lived from active participation, and from entertainment, opening up to the unpredictable.

For the materialization of the elements we used recycled elements and typical construction materials. On the one hand we managed to lower the price and increase the density of proposals and on the other because we look for the aesthetics of the unfinished, susceptible to be transformed by each user who participates that night.

Basically what we pretend is a very simple thing, we want the photos that summarize what happened at LNEB in 2010 not be made to impressive facilities or large assemblies, but to the people who live and participate, and later to the places where the pieces travel. The true places for which they were thought.

Year: 2010

Location: Gran Vía de Madrid / El Gallinero

Authors: zuloark

Collaborators: Organizes: La noche en blanco 2010. Curator: Basurama. Construction and main assembly: FM Pedro Delgado and Nussli España S.A Horticultural management and gardening: Almu, Oscar, Momo, Carol, Jorge y Jose. Active participants in El Gallinero park: Volunteers from the parish of Sto Domingo de la Calzada in the Cañada Real Galiana in Madrid, neighbors of El Gallinero, Luis Basabe y his students from ETSAM, Basurama, Javi Laporta, Pedro Delgado y more people impossible to identify.

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